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Most Used Document Productivity Tools - Microsoft Word

Free Document Productivity Tools For Word

These are the Document Productivity Tools I use every day.

SmartTable Number

Renumbers the rows in a table. It numbers rows in a variety of formats for example “1,2,3” or “R01,R02,R03”, “A-1,A-2,A-3”. You can control the use of zero padding, use of a separator and numbering of sections within a table. Tools exist to only number new rows or to resume numbering from a prior table. SmartTable Number will also remove blank lines from tables.


SmartInsert figures out what you want to insert based on the context.  Depending on what is selected and the position of the cursor, it can:

  • Insert 5 rows in a table ready for quick entry of new rows, handing the style copy problems you normally get when inserting rows.
  • Insert a new column in a table without pushing the end of the table off the page.
  • Insert a blank line after the end of a table, something that is not always easy.
  • SmartInset lets me enter content in tables quickly and adding columns is far quicker than the standard tools.


SmartDelete figures out what you want to delete based on context. Depending on what is selected and the position of the cursor, it can

  • Deleted selected text.
  • Delete to the end of paragraph - I find this is usually what I want when editing text.
  • Delete whole paragraph.
  • Delete whole table row.

SmartDelete complements the standard delete functions and really speeds up editing.

SmartTable Section

This tool inserts a section break into a table to separate concepts by creating a filled line with a bold heading for visual separation. Sections have have their own numbering eg A.1, A.2. A.3...B.1, B.2, B.3…C1, C2, C3.


Adds missing punctuation and removes trailing blank lines from a table cell. DoubleTap the shortcut key and it will do this for all cells in the column


SmartSpell corrects spelling errors in text you have recently typed without moving the cursor from its current location. It gets the right correction almost all the time, which means the least possible interruption to typing flow.


SmartStyles creates four new styles for use in tables, adds them to the quick style bar, and assign shortcut keys so each can be used quickly. There is a style for normal text, bulleted text, bold and italic.  When editing tables you can use the shortcut keys to quickly assign these styles. Another advantage is the ability to change font size used in tables quickly without changing the size used in the main body of a document. You can do this manually or there is a function to change.

Editing and Formatting

There are a number of editing and formatting features I use every day

Smartcaps Upper/Lower - Uppercases the current word leaving the cursor position unchanged. Repeated use changes each prior word. This is surprisingly useful.

SmartMove Up/Down - Moves paragraphs up and down in the document, and
uses special logic to move bullet point entries in tables up/down, and columns in a table left/right.

SmartAnnotate - Allows you to add and remove notes or placeholders in the text for later reference and action. SmartBrowse allows you to quickly find these later.

SmartList Number - Assigns a numbered list correctly, so that it won’t renumber if things change elsewhere in the document.

SmartList Punctuation - Assigns missing punctuation to bulleted lists based on a number of standard style e.g. adding or correcting the puctuation and penultimate “and” in the following list

  • Test line 1;
  • Test line 2 and
  • Test line 3.

Keep with next - This standard function is assigned to a shortcut key so it can be used quickly

Paste no format - This standard function is assigned to a shortcut key so that text can be copied from another document without the formatting.

SmartFormat Copy - A quick keyboard based way to copy and paste formatting (once or repeatedly) with a single keystroke.

Advanced Table Formatting

The following tools take care of many table formatting tasks:

SmartTable Format - Assigns a standard format to the selected table and sets a number of table properties for consistent treatment. There are two types, a conventional style with header, and another with no visible grid lines for neat layout of structured text without the need for a heavy table. If you dont want to use the standard format, you can define a master table and have smart

Bulk Table Number - Prompts each table in the document for renumbering. This is ideal for documents with lots of tables.

Apply Standard Table Styles - Quickly passes through a table and converts not standard styles  to the standard table styles. This is useful when text from other sources needs to be incorporated into you own documents.

Force Standard Column  Layout - ensures that a series of tables in a document all have the same column width and headings as one defined as the master.  This will add and remove columns from the others if these change in the master

Force Table consistency - Forces rows in a table to have the same column widths. This is useful when copying content from other table that are slightly different in layout.

Document Review

SmartExtract - Extracts the comments and revisions from a document into a separate table. The context of the comment are also included, so you can easily manage responses to feedback.

SmartComment - Quick addition of comments, and the ability to quickly reuse comments already entered.

SmartSplit - splits the screen so you can navigate to another location to copy or inspect text

SmartReview - enhanced browsing to review comments, revisions highlighted text. You can also filter the browse by those made by specific authors.

SmartRepeat - Repeats the last function for selected review and edit functions

Track Changes Shortcuts - shortcuts to toggle track changes views and to accept changes

Present Next Cell - Steps the user through the same cell in each row of a table, so taht you can review contents

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