Sunday 9 February 2014

Download options for Tools for Word

This posts describes the download options for Document Productivity Tools for Word.

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Download Options

You can download the Document Productivity Tools in two ways. 

  • Download a cumulative release containing all tools published so far. Each release contains the new tools plus all earlier ones, including any improvements or corrections.
  • Download a copy of the Tool VBA code and install it into a code module that you maintain yourself. 

Those who want to keep it simple may prefer the former, while advanced users who already develop their own tools may prefer the latter.

Cumulative Release

The cumulative release is provided in "Document Productivity Tools.dotm", a macro enabled template. It will include the current tool and all earlier tools (with any any improvements to them). Each new template is intended to overwrite the existing one. 

When inspecting the contents, remember to use the Open command rather than double-clicking the template it. The name of the cumulative release template will never changes so that all shortcut key mappings are preserved from prior releases. 

If you open the document, you will find details of the version, release date and the tool(s) being published. There will also be some text that you can use to test the macros.

Individual Tool Release

Each Release contains the details of how the tool works and provides the code used by the Tool as text. This text can be copied into the VBA editor manually and made avaialble for use. All code needed to for the Tool to be self-sufficient is provided, and this may include common routines that other tools also use. The use of common routines may lead to duplication if the current tool is inserted into the same module where others have been. Such situations will be detected by the compiler and a error generated. In all cases, the older version of the routine will need to be deleted as the newer one may include improvements.

The next post will describe how to Download the latest Tools release for Word.


  1. Hi Martin,
    For some reason I am unable to locate the Cumulative Download dotm file. Is it possible to share the direct link

    Thanks in anticipation

  2. Hi The downloads page ise here


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