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Cumulative Release (all Tools): Document Productivity Visio Tools Template

This template contains all the Document Productivity Tools published. Details on installing the tools can be found here.

Download Hand-Drawn Process Flow Shapes

Cumulative Release Stencil: All Hand-drawn Shapes 

Hand-drawn Process Template: Hand-drawn Template

This stencil contains a cumulative release of the Hand-drawn Process Flow Shapes. It is based on a metric stencil. I have tested then using a US units swimlane diagram and everything looked OK. If not, let me know.  You are welcome to use the shapes for free, and adapt them if you want, just leave the credits in the shape so you'll remember when they came from. 

Tools Release History

Tools Release 6 SmartAlign

SmartAlign delivers your daily shape alignment, layout and connection tasks in a single shortcut key.

Details on SmartAlign can be found here.

Tools Release 5 - SmartShapeRenumber - Renumber Group Shapes

This tool SmartShapeRenumber allows you to renumber group shapes where the number of the shape is in a separate location from the shapes text. It supports the addition of a prefix for all shapes on a page, and renumbering ordinary shapes too.

Tools Release 4 - Break Links - Separate a shape from its connectors

This tool separates a shape from its connectors allowing it to be moved without dragging the connectors to a new location.  You can then substitute a new shape in its place.

Tools Release 3 - SmartAlign-Extend the Selection

This tool is an extension to the SmartAlign tool that automatically selects a horizontal or vertical group of shapes. It is particularly useful for selecting groups aligned in a process flow.

Tools Release 2 - SmartAlign **Re-released  see above**

The SmartAlign tools have been released - See release 6.

Tools Release 1 - SmartSize

This tool resizes a group of shapes based on the size of the first one selected.  It assigns the shapes to a group so that the group can be selected and moved, and be easily resized to conform to the new size any one of them.


Hand Drawn Release History

Hand-drawn Shapes Release 1 - Basic Shapes

Basic Shapes includes Start, End, Task and Gateway.

Hand-drawn Shapes Release 2 - More Shapes

Group, Data, SmartConnector, NoteBox 

Hand-drawn Shapes Release 3 - Hand-drawn Process Template

Template and SmartAudit Shape

Hand-drawn Shapes Release 4- Final Hand-drawn Process Template

This post includes two types of triangle and a line shape.


  1. I installed the template into Visio. It doesn't work yet.

    When I execute dpRenumberGroupShapes (with shapes selected) or ANY of the other macros, I get a VBA "compile error: Ambiguous name detected: wrkGetInput"

    The VBA debugger stops every time in the function header:

    Function wrkGetInput(sPrompt As String, sTitle As String, sDefault As String, sValidVals As String, _
    Optional bForceUpperCase As Boolean) As String


    How do I fix this?

  2. Hi The routine being called is a generic call to get something the user types. I have updated the download file to correctly show this.
    I also fixed a bug in the renumber routine - it should be fine now.

  3. OMG! Hand drawn Visio is so helpful and beautiful; you're a life saver, thank you!


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