Tuesday 11 July 2017

SmartAlign - Advanced Mode

SmartAlign Advanced processing offers this menu when a set of cells is DoubleTapped.

AutoConnect is the default - it is the action carried out in basic autoconnect mode.


Horizontal and Vertical Distribution

The standard distribution functions have been enhanced. SmartAlign locatesany intermediate shapes that need to be redistributed which also have guides on them. It them moves the guide rather than the shape so that groups of shapes are kept aligned. This is great for matrix and framework style diagrams.

In this example Shape 3 needs to be redistributed.  It has other shapes hanging off it on a guide

SmartAlign ensures that the guide on shape 3 moves, thus keeping all the shapes on guides aligned.


Connection points


F adds more connection points to the shape. This can be useful for complex diagrams where connections are more complex - but does defeat the goals of dynamic glue.

4 removes unused connection points leaving only the four main ones. Any other connections that are in use also remain

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