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Download All Word Document Productivity Tools

Cumulative release:
All Word Document Productivity Tools: Document Productivity Tools - Word.dotm

This Word template contains the latest version of all published Document Productivity Tools for Word.  Detailed release notes for each published tool can be found below.

A list of the tools is here List of Tools

MBIE Users - See MAKO 66943214

Word Document Productivity Tools - Release Notes 

Release 17 - SmartReview

Release Date : 17 October 2016 Release notes: DocProdTools 17 SmartReview.docx

SmartReview provides a range of tools to make document review fast and efficient. You can quickly switch the browsing methods, and apply filters to only view comments or revisions made by certain reviewers.

Release 16 - SmartComment

Release Date : 17 October 2016 Release notes: DocProdTools 16 SmartComment.docx

SmartComment lets you enter comments quickly and easily. You can default part of the comment or locate and reuse comments you previously entered.

Release 15 - SmartNote

Release Date : 01 August 2016 Release notes: DocProdTools 15 SmartNote.docx

SmartNote lets you enter annotations and placeholder text into documents. You can control the layout and highlighting with simple keystrokes. Later, you can browse for notes, and then convert them into standard text or remove them with a simple keystroke. 

Release 14 - SmartSpell

Release Date : 18 May 2016 Release notes: DocProdTools 14 SmartSpell.docx

SmartSpell provides fast spelling correction with a single keypress without interrupting your typing flow. It corrects a recent spelling error without leaving your current cursor location. You dont need to backspace or use the mouse, and you can keep typing at speed.

Release 13 - SmartGoto

Release Date : 10 April 2016 Release notes: DocProdTools 13 SmartGoto.docx

This tool marks the current location and returns to it after you have gathered or checked text from another location. With SmartExtact, the tool takes you directly to the source location of changes recorded in the summary document.

Release 12 - SmartExtract Revisions and Comments

Release Date:  27 Nov 2015  Release Notes: DocProdTools 12 SmartExtract.docx

This tool extracts revisions and comments made by reviewers and formats them into a table for further management and response.

Release 11 - SmartTable Number Update and SmartTable Insert Update

Release Date:  23 September 2014 - This release adds capability to SmartTable Number and SmartTable Insert. It also addresses a number of small bugs too.

Release 10 - Select List

Release Date:  28 Sept 2014 - Release Notes: DocProdTools 10 Select List.docx
This tool selects an entire bulleted or numbered list ready for further editing or formatting.

Release 09 - SmartPunctuation

Release Date:  24 August 2014 - Release Notes: DocProdTools 09 SmartPunctuate.docx
This tool automatically punctuates bulleted or numbered lists, and reapplies this punctuation when the layout or order of the list changes. 

Release 08 - Track Changes and Other Updates

Release Date:  22 August 2014 - Release Notes: DocProd Tools 08 Track Changes and Other Updates.doc
This release allows the user to switch off track changes for edits made by Document Productivity Tools.  It also includes minor updates for SmartTable Number and SmartMove Up/Down.

Release Date: 25 June 2014 - Release Notes: DocProdTools 07 AutoCorrect ImpExp.docx
This tool provides import and export tools for a library of nearly 1000 Typing Productivity abbreviations.  The tool can also be used move general AutoCorrect entries from one computer to another. See the Typing Productivity Part 4 post for more information.

Release 06 - SmartCorrect

Release Date: 07 June 2014 - Release Notes: DocProdTools 06 SmartCorrect
This tool automates the addition and lookup Typing Productivity abbreviations and full text values. It works out default values and loads the AutoCorrect dialogue.See the Typing Productivity Part 3 post for more information including shortcut key assignments.

Release 05 - SmartMove Up/Down 

Release Date: 04 April 2014 - Release Notes: DocProdTools 05 SmartMove Up/Down
This tool moves a single paragraph up/down inside a table cell, and is useful for changing the order of bulleted items in a list. It also supports the standard reordering tools that move paragraphs up/down in regular text or rows up/down in tables. See the SmartMove Up/Down post for more information including shortcut key assignments.

Release 04 - SmartTable Cell Format

Release Date: 23 Mar 2014 - Release Notes: DocProdTools 04  SmartTable Cell Format
This tool formats a table cell by adding punctuation and removing empty paragraphs at the end of the cell.  It operates on selected cells or the current cell if no range is selected.  See the SmartTable Cell Format post for more information including shortcut key assignments.

Release 03 - SmartTable Insert and Delete 

Release Date: 07 Mar 2014 - Release Notes: DocProdTools 03  Smart Insert and Delete
SmartTable Insert and Delete for a set of routines for adding, deleting and moving rows in Word tables. When used with SmartTable Number, they allow rapid entry of information into a table without the distraction of inefficient standard editing functions. See the SmartTable Insert post for more information including shortcut key assignments

Release 02 - SmartTable Number

Release Date: 22 Feb 2014 - Release Notes: SmartTable Number
SmartTable Number renumbers table rows using a range of numbering strategies defined by the user. It also removes unwanted blank rows from the table. See the SmartTable Number post for more information including shortcut key assignments

Release 01 - SmartCaps

Release Date: 10 Feb 2014 - Release Notes: SmartCaps
Smart Caps uppercases the first letter of the current word, leaving the cursor position unchanged and allowing typing to continue uninterrupted. Press it again and the previous word is uppdercased. See the Smart Caps post for more information including shortcut key assignments


  1. Hi Martin,

    Are there release notes/code available for the SmartBookmark?

    Sounds interesting, but I'd like to know more about it.



    1. Hi - Sorry for the delay in getting the next release up on time. I'll have SmartBookmark ready by 2 April. See update above

  2. Hi Martin, it looks like the cumulative release is a DocX file rather than a DotM when I click into it - does that mean to get the most recent version of the code I have to copy from the DocX and paste into VBA?

    Thanks for this great resource,


  3. Hi - The cumulative release file was updated in March 2017 - thanks


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