Wednesday 5 July 2017

SmartAlign - Guide Comparison

SmartAlign leverages the power of guides, lets you create guides quickly when you need them,  and can automatically glue shapes to the guide. 
It can even select shapes that are near the guide and snap/glue them to it automatically.
When shapes are glued to a guide, you can move the guide to move all of its shapes as a set.

Comparing standard tools with SmartAlign

Place a guide on the first shape and snap/glue the remaining shapes.

With standard tools this this takes 5 separate click&drags, each taking time and concentration to complete accurately.

With SmartAlign, the same task takes 3 shortcut key presses, and no mouse work.

SmartAlign uses the first press to add the guide, a double tap to select all the shapes near the guide, and the final one to align the shapes to the guide. 

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