Sunday 2 July 2017

SmartAlign - Shape alignment, layout and connection tasks in a single shortcut key.

A Free Document Productivity Tool For Visio

SmartAlign is a single, efficient shortcut key that provides

  • Shape alignment horizontally or vertically (it figures out which)
  • Connection alignment when shapes move (set dynamic glue)
  • Automatically add of connectors between shapes (if you want them)
  • Create and align shapes to a guide
  • Select all shapes on or near a guide and align them to it
  • Glue a connector to a shape at its current location
  • Advanced horizontal and vertical shape distribution

SmartAlign is smart. It intuitively figures out which of these functions on what you have selected and how you use the shortcut key. 

SmartAlign is efficient. It allows you to layout and connect complex shape arrangements with a fraction of the normal effort. Using one key means accurate, quick use of the keyboard. It means you can concentrate on the design, not the tools needed.

I use SmartAlign for laying out process models. This means that the quick selection, guide alignment, and connection features really save time.  

When I am building context models and less formal presentations, I really like the ability to place a connector on a shape and use SmartAlign to connect it right there, without having to manually add a connection point at exactly the right place to keep the connector straight.

SmartAlign will be described in the following posts:

  • SmartAlign – Basic Alignment and Connection
  • SmartAlign – Advanced Alignment 
  • SmartAlign– Automating Non-Standard Connections

You can download SmartAlign from the Visio downloads page here

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