Wednesday 23 April 2014

AutoCorrect - How to Access and Record Entries

A Free Document Productivity Tip for Word

This post shows how to load the AutoCorrect maintenance tool onto the Quick Access Toolbar so that it is available for use with a single click.  It then describes how to enter an abbreviation and its corresponding full text.

These tasks lay the foundation for the following posts that use the abbreviation concept to reduce the typing load of repetitive text.

Adding AutoCorrect to the Quick Access Toolbar

Step 1 - Open Quick Access Toolbar maintenance tool.

Step 2 - Select all Commands

 Step 3 - Locate the AutoCorrect Function and Add it to the Quick Access Toolbar

Then Click OK

Adding an Abbreviation

Step 1 - Click the AutoCorrect Icon

Step 2 - Enter the abbreviation and its full text.  

Then click OK

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