Friday 4 April 2014

SmartMove Up/Down

A Free Document Productivity Tool for Word

This tool moves a single paragraph up/down inside a table cell, and is useful for changing the order of bulleted items in a list.

It also supports the standard reordering tools that move paragraphs up/down in regular text or rows up/down in tables.  Details of this standard functionality can be found in the Moving Table Rows post.

The tool uses the context of the selected text to determine what to move. 

If the cursor is in a table cell and there is no range selected (i.e. just an insertion point) then the function will move the paragraph up/down.  
If the cursor is in a table cell and a range is selected, or a whole row (or rows) is selected, the standard OutlineMoveUp/Down  will be used to move the rows up/down.

If the cursor is in standard text as an insertion point or a range is selected, the standard function moves range up/down.

Basically, this tool adds the cell paragraph move to the existing OutlineMoveUp/Down functions and is assigned to the standard shortcut keys.

If the paragraph is already at the top it wont go further, similarly, the last row wont go down


August 2014: A scroll feature has been added to ensure that after the move, the selected row always appears on the screen.

Shortcut Key Assignment

The shortcut key is:
  • dpSmartMoveUp: Alt + Shift +Up
  • dpSmartMoveDown: Alt + Shift +Down


 OutlineMoveUp/Down and its shortcut keys are surprisingly well hidden, especially for use in normal view , but they are great for reordering content in standard text.  I record a lot of information in tables and have always missed not being able to reorder using this kind of tool in cells.

Managing cell content like this is surprisingly tricky because of the way Word internally represents manages. I have had to make some compromises, most notably that the only one paragraph at a time can be moved reliably. To enforce this, I have organised things so that a paragraph is moved only if the cursor is an insertion point.


This tool complements the other SmartTable tools already published

The Downloads tab contains a copy of SmartTable Cell Format. There is more information on how it works in the release notes.

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