Saturday 7 June 2014

Typing Productivity - Part 3 - Automated Entries

A Free Document Productivity Tool for Word

This tool describes uses an abbreviation system to reduce the typing load for business and technical documents. 

See Part 1 for information on dealing phrases and acronyms. It also contains information abbreviation systems in general and discusses typing expanders.

Part 2 deals with abbreviations for long words and words that are very frequently used.  

This part describes the SmartCorrect tool that automates the job of looking up and adding new abbreviations.

Part 4 allows you to bulk import and export your abbreviations, and includes a dictionary of over 1000 abbreviations.

The B2E System – Part 3 – Automatic Entries

The SmartCorrect tool automates the addition and lookup of Typing Productivity abbreviations. 

When adding, the routine determines the default abbreviation to use for the selected text.

The AutoCorrect dialogue is automatically loaded with the appropriate fields filled in.

  • If the text selected is 6 characters or less, SmartCorrect assumes that the value entered is an abbreviation, finds the associated full text equivalent and loads the Autocorrect screen.  This is a simple and effective lookup of an existing abbreviation.  If there is no corresponding full text, the full text field is blank
  • If the text word (longer than 6 characters) SmartCorrect assumes that the highlighted text is the full text.  If the text already has an abbreviation, both values are presented.  If there is no corresponding abbreviation, the first and last characters of the abbreviation are shown, and the user simply completes abbreviation to add the entry. See Part 1 for rules for determining the abbreviation.
  • If the selected text is a two or more word phrase, SmartCorrect assumes