Sunday 10 April 2016


A Free Document Productivity Tool For Word

This tool marks the current location and returns to it after you have gathered or checked text from another location. When used with SmartExtact, the tool takes you directly to the source location of changes recorded in the extract summary document.

Using the Tool - Normal typing

To use the tool, hit the shortcut key (Ctrl+`).  This places a bookmark at the current location. If you hit the shortcut key again you go directly back to that location.  

This allows you to stop typing, get some text you want to reuse or check something, and then quickly return to where you started.

If you don't return after 5 minutes, the tool abandons the first bookmark and records a new start location.

If you double tap the shortcut key, the tool takes you to the table of contents.

Using the Tool with Smart Extract

Place the cursor in the heading line for an extracted comment or change

Then press the shortcut key. The tool will take you to the relevant page in the source document.

The source document has to be open for this to work.


I use this tool quite regularly because it can be quicker that opening a split screen or manually adding a bookmark. In many cases it also means that I dont have to take my hands off the keyboard. 

I the SmartExtract logic to this tool so that I could quickly go to the source of an edit or comment to check further detail. This really improves the usefulness of SmartExtract.

The basis of this tool was the first one that I build.  It is a good introduction to VBA coding.


SmartGoto is a simple tool that I use every day.

The Downloads tab contains a copy of SmartGoto. There is more information on how it works in the release notes.