Document Productivity provides productivity tools that enhance the standard editing fuctions of Word, Excel and Visio, allowing you to concentrate on the content, and not be distracted by mechanical editing functions and other tedious activies. 

See the Welcome Post for background and what to look forward too.

Areas of Focus

The key areas of focus will be:
  1. Macros that can be used to automate everyday tasks.
  2. Discussion on tips and strategies for using standard application functions.
  3. Typing productivity tools that support faster and more accurate entry of text.

Greater Efficiency

More efficient entry and management of document content means higher through-put and more time available for other tasks.

Less Distractions

Correcting spelling errors and carrying out repetitive mechanical tasks using standard functions can be time consuming and breaks concentration. Using the tools provided means that there are less disruptions.

Professional Satisfaction

Using nice tools is far more satisfying that putting up with repetitive mechanical tasks.  These tools have the added advantage that they are not simply installed automatically but require some manual implementation and can therefore can further customised to meet individual needs.

Free Downloads

You are welcome to use these tools free of of charge, but no responsibility is taken for problems or loss caused through their use.  If you like the tools please leave comments, encouragement and suggestions on this site.  Feel free to recomend them to others and to follow this site for more releases.

You are welcome to adapt the tools for your personal use, but retaining the credit to this site would be appreciated.  If you make any improvements, please share them here.


These tools have been build over several years and in some cases have been based on public domain ideas and code fragments that others have published. Please let me know if you would like a credit to be recorded.


I hope you enjoy the posts and the tools. I have had fun developing them, I've learned a lot and I hope you do too.Please leave comments and encouragement.


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