Wednesday 12 July 2017

SmartAlign - Advanced Shape Connection

SmartAlign will automatically glue a connector to a shape at a location where there is no current connection point by using the connectors current location.

All you have to do is lay out the connector and get SmartAlign to create the connection points and create the glue that links them.

Using SmartAlign advanced shape connection

In this example, we want to connect the top shape to the bottom one. You will note that there is no connection point.

If we don't connect them properly, when the shapes move the connectors will have to be adjusted. This can be a time consuming task.

To create the connection, select the connector and the shape.

Then press SmartAlign

SmartAlign has created the connection point and made the connection

SmartAlign uses special logic to force the connection point onto the edge of the shape.

Just lay out the connector near the edge of the shape (within 3mm) and SmartAlign will ensure that the connector is always glued to a point on the edge.

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