Friday 7 March 2014

Moving Table Rows Tip

A Free Document Productivity Tip for Word

How to move rows up or down in a table.

Moving rows up or down in a table is a breeze if you use the standard Word shortcut key.  The function is OutlineMoveUp/Down, and the description does not make it clear what happens when you use it within a table.

If you place the cursor in a cell and then use Alt+Shift+Down, the row will move down one row at a time. Similarly, Alt+Shift+Up moves the row up.  If you select a group of rows, the shortcut key moves them all.

Outside a table, the shortcut key works with paragraphs, and will move a paragraph up and down in the document. 

I use it most in bulleted lists to change the order of the entries. All you need to do is place the cursor in an entry in the list and then use the shortcut key to move the entry up or down the list.  

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