Monday 11 May 2015

Hand-drawn Process Flows: Part 5 - Final Hand-drawn Post

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This is the final post in the hand-drawn series. Earlier posts where

  • Part 1 - Introduction - How the hand-drawn look is created. Shows all shapes.
  • Part 2 - Basic Shapes - Good for most process flows.
  • Part 3 - More shapes - For more advanced models.
  • Part 4 - Building a hand-drawn template.

New Shapes

This is a quick post to advise that the final hand-drawn stencil now contains two triangles (right angle and isosceles) and a line shape.

I have also included a comment bubble shape from the Visio Guy (see links in the side bar).  I wanted to use this as a prompt for you to visit this site where you can find a number of other hand-drawn shapes including ones for drawing graphs, and a neat cube that has controls to control its layout.

Downloading the shapes

You can download the template and the related stencil shapes from the Visio Downloads page here.

I am keen to hear how you find the shapes, so please leave a comment.

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